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His Hand in Our Lives

In reminiscing over years past, the thought comes to mind that God’s Hand left its mark so many times in our life together. He answered countless prayers and directed us in many, many ways. Therefore, by putting them in print, I would like to share some of these incidents, first of all with my loving family and with my dearest friends and Christian brothers and sisters, and then with anyone else who may read these lines. We all remember how certain events fell into place in our past which led us to a particular place, to a special job or profession, or to meet a special person. At times circumstances held more weight than our personal choices. I firmly believe that these circumstances were divinely sent to guide us to the path He has chosen for each of us. It is certain that in my life I can see how this came about so many times, as well as in our life together. It is for this reason that I am penning these lines. To give credit to the One who has lovingly guided me all these years. He has never failed me when I called on Him, and even though many times I could not understand just where He was leading, I trusted Him and followed Him; and I have no regrets.


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Joshua 24:15b "...but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."