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Notes of Hope

All of her eighteen years, she had wanted a home and family that was all hers. She was in love when she married the ‘man of her dreams’ and looking forward to a life she had always wanted. It took extreme measures to wake him up. Prayer can change situations and circumstances. Notes of Hope is a continuation of the story told in Out of Appalachia. Marrying outside of the denomination she was a member of, was not an option. She thought that if she married someone the folks though suitable, ‘the lines would fall into present places’. However, that was not to be. For over twelve years, Bob and Elsie lived an outward happy married life. In the first week after marriage, Bob tells her “I don’t love you and have never loved you”.

She was devastated. She had grown up in her aunt and uncle’s home, the only real parents she knew. She visited her birth parents, but they were more like aunt and uncle than parents to her. Her uncle was a stern man and she knew she could not return home. She was nineteen at the time of her wedding and Bob was twenty-four. Those first few weeks were torture. As far as she could see, her life was over. They were both active in the music of the church and continued to take their places, to do otherwise would have been unthinkable. They were in a difficult place and neither knew how to make it better. The Lord sent two little boys into their family, boys that were loved by both parents. There was never any doubt that the boys were loved. The concern was Bob’s love for Elsie. She loved him but was always confused about her feelings, how could this be that he didn’t love her. He had never shown any indication of such for the almost four years they dated. Finally, everything comes to a head. Elsie does something so out of character and certainly against the rules of the church. The outcome is a wake-up call for Bob. However, many years would pass before the two would become one. They continued their work in the church, they worked at their marriage and God blessed this couple for taking His way. They eventually become good friends and lovers. To take the way of righteousness is always the best way to go. God is so faithful.


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Joshua 24:15b "...but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."